Homemade meatballs

Homemade meatballs

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Ingredients for Making Homemade Cutlets

  1. Minced meat (pork and beef) 600 g
  2. Egg 1 pc
  3. Bow 1 pc
  4. Garlic 1 clove
  5. Bread 50 g
  6. Milk 100 ml
  7. Vegetable oil for frying
  8. Ground black pepper to taste
  9. Breading flour
  10. Salt to taste
  • Main Ingredients Beef, Pork
  • World Cuisine


Large bowl, Cooker, Kitchen spatula, Knife, Cutting board, Frying pan, Tablespoon, Measuring cup, Deep plate

Cooking homemade meatballs:

Step 1: Prepare the bread.

And the first thing we start with is bread. Cut off all the crusts from it and cut into large pieces about 5-6 cm in size. Pour milk into a separate plate and soak the bread slices in it.

Step 2: Chop the onion.

Meanwhile, peel the onions and garlic cloves from the husks. Rinse the onion and knife under cold running water, put on a cutting board and cut into small cubes. Onions can be chopped in a meat grinder, as well as using a blender or grater. The smaller the bow, the better.

Step 3: Cook the minced meat for the patties.

Spread minced meat in a large bowl. Using a garlic mill, squeeze a clove of garlic into the minced meat, add salt and black pepper to taste. Then we spread the bread, chopped onion, wash the egg under hot running water and break it to the rest of the ingredients of our minced meat.

Now thoroughly mix everything with a tablespoon until smooth. And with clean hands we begin to beat the minced meat. It is more convenient to visually divide the stuffing into 2 - 3 parts and beat them off, than to try to fit everything in one hand.

Step 4: Form the cutlets.

After we have prepared and beaten the minced meat, we proceed to the formation of the cutlets themselves. To do this, pour a little sifted flour onto a chopping board, wet your hands in water, take a little minced meat and roll it from hand to hand - forming a cutlet. Then put it on a cutting board with flour and roll it so that the flour covers the entire surface. After either hand or flat side of the knife, slightly press on the sausage to give the cutlet a thickness of about 1 cm.

Step 5: Fry the patties.

We turn on the medium heat on the stove, pour vegetable oil into the pan and put on the burner. We put the patties into the preheated fat and start frying them from two sides to a beautiful golden crust.

We put ready cutlets in a clean plate.

Step 6: Serve the homemade patties.

Homemade cutlets can be served with any side dish, for example, with mashed potatoes, stewed vegetables, various salads, boiled cereals, but the best would be spaghetti or other pasta. But you can supplement the dish with sauces, of course, prepared yourself. Enjoy a delicious and simple meal!
Enjoy your meal!
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Recipe Tips:

- It is not necessary to add an egg to the minced meat; cutlets will still keep their shape.

- Delicious cutlets are obtained using already dry bread, because fresh - gives the dish unnecessary stickiness.

- Stuffing can be used any, including chicken or turkey.

- Formed cutlets do not have to fry all at once, you can send a few pieces to the freezer. Only cutlets should be completely in flour and not touch each other when frozen.