Tart with milk

Tart with milk

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For starters, I put the milk in a can.

When the whey was left at the bottom, I pricked the can to drain it.

The milk caught by draining the whey was mixed with sugar, vanilla sugar, then semolina and eggs, stirring until all was well incorporated.

At the end I added flour (honestly I added from the eyes, I did not use any measure, but I added enough flour to be a cream-like composition), then I greased an aluminum pan with butter and added the composition and left Bake for 45-50 minutes.

To see if it baked well, I did the toothpick test.

Light fast and not too sweet, only good for children. GOOD APPETITE!

Silvia Jurcovan's recipe

„Ingredients: 1l milk, 300 g grated cornmeal, half a kg of cottage cheese, a quarter liter of cream, 100g butter, 50g flour, 4-5 eggs, a teaspoon with a pinch of salt.
Put the milk, butter, salt (10g) in a basin or cauldron of about 3l (in which the composition will be prepared until the end) and let it boil (but not directly on the flame, because the milk is smoked).
When it first boils, add the cornmeal in the rain, always beating with the aim so that no lumps form. After 5-6 minutes, thicken and remove the bowl from the heat. When it is almost cold, add the cottage cheese, finely chopped with the back of the fork, cream, egg yolks, and flour and mix well. Add more salt to taste, or add 100 g of unsalted, grated Telemea cheese, then mix lightly with the beaten egg whites, with the whisk, just by turning over. The composition is placed in a larger tray, well greased with solid margarine, lined with flour and leveled with a plastic shovel. Place the tray in the hot oven and bake for 50 minutes. Do not open the oven for 30 minutes after which the tray can be turned over if the composition has not been baked evenly.
Cut, in the pan, into squares that are served immediately, hot, with cream on top. The pieces can be placed in a heat-resistant dish, side by side or stacked, as needed, the dish is placed in the oven 15 minutes before serving, so that the sauces heat well.
The flavors are served only hot or reheated, with cream on top, as a first course ".
(Silvia Jurcovan, Cookbook, Humanitas 2012)

Spices with sorrel and skim milk

The leaves are fragile so I recommend you fry all the ingredients including meat and rice. Separately each, season and shape the pirouettes carefully. Don't skimp on dill. Boil lightly, without boiling, watch carefully. You will discover the exceptional taste of sorrel! Serve with skim milk (homemade sour milk from buffalo milk) or sorrel sauce (puree).

CATCHED MILK and BEATED MILK, a miracle drink easy to make at home

Yogurt is a fermented drink made from sweet milk, very tasty and nutritionally valuable, because it contains countless good bacteria (probiotics), important for the health of the digestive system, colon and immune system.

How to Make Caught Milk

Depending on the area or the way it is prepared, yogurt has several names: skimmed milk or whipped cream, whipped milk or sour milk.

Apple pie

Remember the story of the apple (which can become the fruit of the blogosphere) and National Fruit Day? No, okay. I don't mean a big deal (ie & # 8222hop & # 8221 before you jump) but as things stand on the right side of the screen, where you can vote for the apple, I think two of you will go to the ZNF party organized by Granini in Bucharest (the idea is the representative of the winning fruit and one of its readers will go to the party dressed in VIP but I want two of you to go more). Thank you very much for the votes. I will tell you soon who I send to the party and on what basis (probably who I want, that it is not democracy) :). In the meantime, I have a sweet and pleasant surprise (I hope) for all of you: an apple tart, which I made on Sunday at Rimetea, when I wanted to find out on the skin (my papilla) of me and my friends how to kiss apples with condensed milk. Oh, what a friendship!

For the dough I used two cups of flour, two tablespoons of sugar, two egg yolks, two thirds of a packet of butter.

For the filling I used proud, sour apples. One kilogram.

I kneaded the dough with a pinch of salt. Three & # 8211 four minutes.

I spread it in trays (two tarts came out of these quantities), I pricked it not to grow too hard and I put it in the fridge for half an hour.

I put the peeled and diced apples in a saucepan. Above them, a box and a half of condensed milk (you can find it in Carrefour, maybe in other stores).

I stirred and kept the pan on low heat for a quarter of an hour. The milk began to caramelize slightly, the apples softened.

I baked the dough (beans are good to hold the paper over the dough) for 8 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. Then I took it out of the oven.

I filled the tarts with the apple filling, condensed milk (I didn't add any sugar, the milk is already sweet) and two other yolks, added only after the caramelized milk and apple mixture had cooled. The tarts sat in the oven for a quarter of an hour.

This is an apple and caramel tart.

Yes, it was good, it's worth a try. You can also put a little cinnamon in the filling.

Maybe a little cream on top.

How to make homemade condensed milk simple, natural recipe?

Ingredients for homemade condensed milk

I made condensed milk with commercial milk because most readers do not have access to milk from the farm. I chose milk with 3.5% fat. You can use any kind of milk on the market, but be as fat as possible. I have not tried UHT milk so I advise you to choose milk that is stored in the refrigerator.

I chose a clean stainless steel pan, with a diameter of 35 cm in which I put milk, sugar and vanilla. The larger the diameter, the larger the evaporation will be on the surface and the boiling time will be shortened (I explained this in jam recipes or Mashed vegetables). In addition, it is good that the flame does not reach the edges of the bowl because the sugar is caramelized and the condensed milk will darken in color.

Fluffy pancakes with whipped milk

Fluffy pancakes (pancakes) with whipped milk, sweet and sour, are specific to the United States where it is consumed mainly for breakfast. With or without fruit (traditionally blueberries, raspberries, etc.), pancakes are served with maple syrup, jams, honey, etc.

Servings: 4 (about 12-16 pancakes)

Preparation time: 50 minutes


  • 320 grams of flour
  • 500 ml of whipped milk
  • 60 grams of melted butter (or oil)
  • 2 large eggs (3 if small)
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2-3 tablespoons oil for frying
  • 1 cup blueberries or other berries (optional)
  • maple syrup, honey or jam for serving
  1. Mix the flour with the baking powder, baking soda, sugar and salt in a deep bowl.
  2. Beat the eggs in another bowl, along with the melted butter (or oil) and whipped milk.
  3. Lightly mix the dry ingredients with the wet ones.
    [warning] Move the target slightly. It is better to keep small lumps (which will break when fried) than to beat too vigorously, because the pancakes will become too dense (heavy). [/ warning]
  4. Heat a cast iron skillet or non-stick pan.
  5. Grease the pan with oil.
  6. Put a dough polish (about 80 milliliters). Smooth with the back of the polish if necessary. Optionally, you can add 3-4 fruits to the dough in the pan, washed and dried.
    [type] If the pan is large, you can put 2-3 pancakes, provided they do not touch each other.
    [note] After the pan is hot, reduce the heat to a constant temperature. [/ note]
  7. Brown the pancakes until the surface is full of bubbles, the bottom is brown and the edges appear dry.
  8. Turn the pancakes over and continue to fry until the other side is browned (about 2 minutes).
  9. Fry all the pancakes and stack them on top of each other. For a better taste, you can grease them with melted butter between them.

Fluffy pancakes with whipped milk are consumed mainly for breakfast with various additives & # 8211 jams, honey, maple syrup, etc.

Attention, it contains apples! How it was born and what a world-famous tart looks like

The most special tart in the world is "Tarte Tatin". The gastronomes say so. It is an inverted tart - which is "built" in the pan and served upside down. Paradoxically, it is very simple to do, even for the uninitiated.

History says that the tart was invented by one of the two Tatin sisters, in 1898, at the hotel of the same name belonging to the family, in the French town of Lamotte-Beuvron. It has not been established exactly whether Stéphanie Tatin was the one who accidentally caramelized the sugar, or whether her sister, Caroline, overturned the pie, also by mistake. The idea is that the famous tart was created accidentally, and, for lack of another dessert, it was served as such to the hotel guests, who loved it on the spot.

Several stories are known about the birth of the Tatin tart. According to one, Stéphanie Tatin, who ran the family hotel's kitchen, forgot too much about the apples that had to be hardened in sugar and butter - the filling for a traditional apple pie.

In order not to lose the composition, especially since the time was approaching when the dessert was to be served to the guests, the young woman put the dough over the pan with caramelized apples, and then put everything in the oven. After half an hour, he turned the tray over to see what came out, and what came out was interesting. It even looked reasonable, so it served, it is true, with some emotion, the "new" dessert.

The tart instantly became the emblem of the Hotel Tatin and quickly spread throughout the Sologne region and beyond. In the first half of the last century, the tart became famous all over the world, after Louis Vaudable took over the dessert from the permanent menu of his famous restaurant, Maxim’s in Paris.

The famous "Tatin tarts" adapted by the housewives of the "Golden Age"

In Romanian cuisine, Tatin tart has adapted for economic reasons. Because in the Golden Age, for example, no food was sold at Alimentara, and its preparation required butter or margarine, which were rationalized, the tart was prepared according to the original recipe, except for the dough, which was replaced with sponge cake. It was much easier to prepare, and the ingredients were more easily accessible (flour, sugar, eggs, oil), most of them having relatives in the country or "sources".

Our housewives also make a pie with grated apples and hardened with sugar. The dough (500 g of flour, a cup of warm water, an egg and salt) is spread in a thin sheet that is filled with apples and rolled. There is also the more expensive option, in which apples, hardened in sugar and mixed with a few tablespoons of semolina are baked between two thick sheets of dough prepared from 500 g flour, 2 eggs, 200 g margarine, 150 g sugar, salt, powder baking powder, vanilla sugar.

RECIPE. Tatin Tatin

Ingredient: 6-8 apples, 200 g sugar, 100 g butter, 500 g puff pastry, cinnamon, a star anise.

Preparation: The oven is heated to 140 C. The vessel in which the tray will be prepared is inserted inside to heat it. In a saucepan, melt the sugar with 50 ml of water over low heat, resulting in a golden caramel. The apples are peeled and the back is removed. Pour the hot caramel in the form heated in the oven, including on the side walls, place the apples next to each other.

In each apple put half a roll of cinnamon, add the anise and butter, cut into pieces, between them. The dough, previously drilled with a fork, is placed on top of the apples, with the edges folded inside, to cover them well. Bake the tart for 35 minutes, then remove, cover the bowl with a deep plate (to take the sauce) and turn over, in a sudden motion. The tart is served immediately or after it has cooled, possibly with vanilla ice cream next to it.

Tart with dulce de leche

Being a mother around the holidays can be challenging at times. Of course, a very beautiful one. I try to outdo myself from year to year and prepare new desserts for the family, around Christmas, outside the classic cake. I was not surprised when this tart quickly disappeared from the table, everyone asking for the second portion.

My kids love leche candy, they look like me, I think. I also tried to prepare it for the first time from condensed milk, it didn't come out so good, and the second time from scratch, from fatty milk and it cost me about three hours, a hard-to-wash pan and a slightly bitter milk cake and a bit thin. Today I show you the effortless version, with Dulce de Leche Mardel, a click away, creamy, dense, delicious.

Countertop ingredients
  • 250 g of flour
  • 160 g of butter with 80% fat
  • A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons cold water
  • 1 or
  • 1 pinch of salt
For the filling
  • 200 g of Dulce de Leche Mardel, taken from here.
  • 100 ml of cream for cooking
  • 1 or
  • 1 tablespoon brown rum
  • 300 g of coarsely chopped walnuts
  • 100 g of pecans for decoration
  • butter for greased tart form
Method of preparation

I chose not to use sugar in the dough to make a small contrast with the sweet milk. Also, any other flavor additions seemed superfluous to me. I mixed the diced butter with the flour and salt in the bowl of the robot, until I obtained a sandy composition. I then incorporated the vinegar, egg and cold water from the refrigerator. I formed a ball. I didn't knead at all, I just flattened the ball a little. I put a little in the fridge, wrapped in food foil, while I prepared the cream.

I mixed Dulcele de Leche Mardel at room temperature with liquid cream, egg and rum. I also chopped walnuts with a knife. I greased a tart form with a little butter. I spread the dough in the fridge and put it nicely in shape. I pricked him from place to place with a fork and placed the chopped walnuts on top.

I poured the cream and put it in the preheated oven at 190 °.

I baked for 30 minutes, after which I took out and placed the pecans. I put the form back in the oven and continued baking for another 20-25 minutes, until it browns on the edges.

This tart does not need too much praise, I think you realize that I made a fuss at home and, no doubt, it will be on the Christmas table. Good tart for the little ones and the big ones, without too much effort.

Omelette recipe with milk: for & bdquorebelele & rdquo in the kitchen

And yet, are you still looking for the milk omelet? In this case, if you want to add this ingredient, we tell you how to make the milk omelet!

Here are the ingredients you need!


Method of preparation:

  1. & Icircnce by breaking the eggs & icircntr in a bowl ad & acircnc.
  2. Add salt and milk and mix with a spatula until you get a homogeneous mixture. Be careful, you have to incorporate the ingredients, not beat them, if you do not want to compromise the texture of the preparation, as I told you above that you risk doing.
  3. Grease a small pan with butter. Do not opt ​​for a larger container, even if you think you have enough composition. This way, you run the risk of your milk omelette not getting so fluffy.
  4. Pour the preparation & icircn tray and put it in the oven for about half an hour.
  5. Allow the omelette to cool slightly before turning it over on a plate.
  6. Gather family members around the fluffiest omelet you've ever eaten in your life.

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