Pepper for the winter - Video

Pepper for the winter - Video

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Ingredients for Cooking Peppers for the Winter - Video

On a 3 liter jar:

  1. Salad pepper (small) 2.5 kg.
  2. Garlic 1 head.
  3. Bitter pepper 1 pc.
  4. Vinegar 9% 1/3 cup or 70 ml.
  5. Sugar sand 1 cup.
  6. Salt 1 tbsp. l
  7. Vegetable oil for frying. taste
  • Main Ingredients Pepper

Cooking Peppers for the Winter - Video:

Wash and dry the pepper, when frying, the oil shoots strongly. Fry pepper on both sides. It is advisable to cover, turn on the fire, fry, turn off the fire, wait until the noise calms down in the pan, turn the lid open, and so on. Thus, fry all the peppers except the hot peppers. We spread fried pepper in a jar, alternating with chopped garlic. Add sugar, salt, vinegar, hot pepper, pour boiling water. Roll up the lid, turn the bottle upside down, wrap it in a blanket. Let it stand wrapped until it cools completely.