Gelatin Mayonnaise

Gelatin Mayonnaise

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Ingredients for Making Mayonnaise with Gelatin

  1. Mayonnaise 200-250 milliliters
  2. Fish broth 500 milliliters
  3. Gelatin (granular) 15 grams (1 tablespoon)
  4. Purified water 120 milliliters (half a faceted glass)
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World Cuisine


Faceted glass (capacity 240 grams), measuring cup, tablespoon, stove, deep bowl, stewpan, kitchen thermometer, whisk, fine mesh sieve, deep bowl - 2 pieces, glass liter jar, plastic or metal screw lid, refrigerator, sauce boat .

Making mayonnaise with gelatin:

Step 1: prepare the gelatin.

This type of mayonnaise is prepared quite easily, the main thing is to know a few simple rules. First of all, pour the right amount of jelly granules into a small bowl or bowl. Pour them with cold unboiled purified water in a ratio of 1: 8, i.e. 15 grams of dry product - 120 milliliters of liquid. We maintain gelatin in this form for 1-1.5 hours until it completely swells, during which time stirring the mixture with a tablespoon 2-3 times.

Step 2: prepare the fish stock.

Then filter through a sieve with a fine mesh into a small saucepan or stew-pan fresh fish broth. We put it on medium heat and heat it. up to 60 degrees celsiusso that it is warm, but not hot. The temperature can be checked with a special kitchen thermometer!

Step 3: dissolve the gelatin in the broth.

After that, remove the broth from the stove, pour in it the swollen, infused gelatin and carefully shake them with a whisk to a homogeneous consistency. Then again we put everything on medium heat and bring the resulting mixture to a boil, stirring continuously. Then through the same sieve we filter the hot liquid into a clean dish and completely cool it.

Step 4: prepare the mayonnaise with gelatin.

Now put in the deep bowl the right amount of mayonnaise, it can fluctuate 200 to 250 milliliters, depending on how much saturated product you want to get in the end. Add to it almost frozen half jelly and whip everything until a uniform lush consistency.

We shift the resulting sauce into a clean, preferably sterilized glass liter jar, close it with a tight-fitting metal screw or plastic lid and put in the refrigerator for 20-25 minutes. After that, the snow-white mixture can be used for its intended purpose.

Step 5: serve the mayonnaise with gelatin.

Mayonnaise with gelatin is a universal product of a snow-white color, with minimal fat content, a thick consistency and a gentle, non-intrusive aroma. This sauce is also called banquet, because it is very convenient for them to decorate different second hot, cold dishes and snacks. It is mainly prepared in catering places: restaurants, canteens, cafes, handouts, snack bars, pizzerias and culinary shops, thus increasing the amount of natural mayonnaise several times. Enjoy it!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- to prepare this sauce, you can use both home-made and store-bought mayonnaise of any fat content, as well as broth from the desired fish variety;

- if the sauce has seized more than necessary and resembles jelly, immediately before use, beat it with a submersible or stationary blender;

- if desired, in the prepared gelatin mayonnaise, you can put a few dried spices and herbs, for example, paprika, savory, lemongrass, garlic granules, parsley, dill, basil, oregano, as well as any kind of ground pepper;

- very often this sauce is seasoned with lemon juice or apple 6% vinegar, one of these ingredients must be added while mixing mayonnaise and broth.