Clafoutis with cherries and apricots

Clafoutis with cherries and apricots

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Preheat the oven to 190 degrees.

The cherries are cleaned of seeds and allowed to drain. Wash the apricots and cut them into small cubes. It is set aside.

Eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar mix well until the sugar melts. Add the milk and flour and mix for 30 seconds.

In a tart form greased with butter, place the cherries and apricots on its bottom. Pour the composition over the fruit and bake for about 40-45 minutes.

Serve cold. Good appetite!

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Clafoutis is a well-known French dessert that is served powdered with sugar. It can be served hot sometimes accompanied by a vanilla cream. Traditionally, it is composed of cherries, but we can use cherries, apricots or the fruit we love.

For clafoutis with cherries we need 600 gr cherries, 400 ml liquid cream, 130 ml milk, 3 large eggs, an envelope of vanilla sugar, 140 gr sugar, 140 gr flour, a tablespoon of butter and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar.

We start by washing the cherries well and removing the seeds. Wallpaper a tart tray with the amount of butter and powder it with brown sugar. Place the cherries in the tart pan and prepare to make the dough.

Beat eggs with a whisk, then add whipped cream, milk, sugar, vanilla sugar and finally the amount of flour. Mix until you get a homogeneous composition and pour it into the pan over the cherries.

Put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 Gr and leave it there for 45 minutes until it gets a nice crust on the edges.

Leave it to cool, cover it with powdered sugar and serve. Cold, delicious, the perfect combination of sweet and sour taste, a cool dessert.

Duck breast with cherry and apricot sauce

Wash and dry the duck breast on paper towels. It increases both the horizontal and the vertical part with the fat. Season with salt and pepper.

Put the pieces of meat with fat down in a hot pan and fry them for 7 minutes, over medium heat to high, until the fat is browned.

Turn them over and place a sprig of thyme on each chest. Then put the pan in the oven for 7-10 minutes, depending on how penetrated you want the meat to be. Take out the meat on a plate and cover it with aluminum foil.

Drain some of the fat from the pan and cook the chopped salads for 3-4 minutes. Add the cherries and apricots and cook for 1 minute. Add the concentrated soup, nectar and wine and cook over medium heat until the liquid is reduced by half.

Slice the duck breast and serve with hot sauce.

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Vanilla sponge cake with cherries and apricots

A show of color and flavor in a delicious summer dessert, simple and easy to prepare, with which we can pamper our family: Vanilla sponge cake with cherries and apricots!

I recently saw at Vlăduț from Neatza with Răzvan and Dani such a recipe for sponge cake with cherries and apricots and I was very pleased with the combination.

I didn't think too much and I prepared this Vanilla Sponge cake recipe with cherries and apricots. But I didn't follow his recipe exactly. But the idea was wonderful, for which I thank him very much!

Vlăduț placed a layer of biscuits at the base of the cake, as I also showed you at Sponge cake recipe with crushed strawberries and biscuits.

This time I placed some Savoiardi biscuits, like at Cake recipe combined with bananas and strawberries.

I didn't have any more cocoa biscuits, but the classic ones worked just as well.

It should be mentioned that the fruits are sour, we must add to the amount of sugar in the sponge cake.

Even if we powder the cake with sugar on top, the sour taste of the fruit will still predominate.

Okay, I put plenty of fruit, maybe if you opt for less, the sour taste will no longer predominate.

Or, you can powder the cherries with sugar before adding them to the counter. But in this way we risk becoming juicy and moistening our sponge cake during baking.

I later prepared a syrup to moisturize the biscuits at the base.

I can tell you that a sensational, sweet-sour and refreshing cake came out. Served cold, from the fridge is just perfect for a hot summer day!

Sunday dessert: Dumplings with cherries and apricots

I chose a few cherries. I boiled the potatoes. I left them to cool and then I passed them, then I added 1 egg over the resulting puree. I also added flour. I got a non-stick dough from which I started working. I shaped a ping-pong ball the size of a ball. I flattened it a little, and in its center I placed a pitted cherry. I dressed the cherries in the dough and got a bigger ball. After I made several cherry dumplings, I switched to the apricot dumplings, I didn't have any smaller apricots, I only found the big ones, so I put quarters of apricots. I also dressed them in dough. Only good, as I was able to recognize after that, the small dumplings are with cherries, and the largest are with apricots.

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I boiled the water and when it boiled, I put the formed dumplings, at first it moves easily with a spatula in the pot of water, because the dumplings tend to stick to the bottom of the pot, and when they rise to the surface they are boiled.

Put the 3 teaspoons of oil in a pan, add the breadcrumbs and lightly fry until they turn brown. Remove from the heat and after 5 minutes add the sugar, vanilla sugar and cinnamon. Boiled dumplings are rolled in breadcrumbs.

Clafoutis with cherries and apricots - Recipes

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Clafoutis with cherries

I have tried a few recipes so far, this seems to me the most successful. You can replace cherries with cherries, plums, blueberries, etc. with any fruit that remains intact after ripening.

* 500g cherries + 300ml whole milk (for lack I put 200ml liquid cream + 100ml milk) + 3 eggs + 100g powdered sugar + 60g melted butter + 50g flour + 50g almond flour (or replaced with starch for a lighter composition) + 1 salt powder + 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

* 30g brown sugar and 1 tablespoon butter to grease and wallpaper form

- preheat the oven to 350F (175C)
- grease a ceramic or yena form well with butter and sprinkle with a spoonful of brown sugar
- beat eggs foam with sugar, add vanilla, salt, melted butter, flour mixed with almond powder then finally, slowly, hot milk
- if you are not alone that the mixture is perfectly fine, without lumps, pour it into the form through a strainer
- Distribute the cherries nicely and bake for 45-50 minutes or until the clafoutis is nicely browned and when we move the tray, the composition does not shake like a meatball.

I boiled the potatoes, left them to cool and then mashed them, then added 1 egg over the resulting puree.
I also added flour, I got a non-stick dough from which I started working.
I modeled a ball the size of a ping-pong ball, I flattened it a little, in its center I placed a pitted cherry, I dressed the cherry in dough and I got a bigger ball. After making more cherries dumplings, I switched to apricot dumplings.
I boiled the water and when it boiled, I put the formed dumplings, at first they move lightly with a spatula in the pot of water, because the dumplings tend to stick to the bottom of the pot, then when they rise to the surface they are boiled.

Put the 3 teaspoons of oil in a pan, add the breadcrumbs and lightly fry until they turn brown.
remove from the heat and after 5 minutes add the sugar, vanilla sugar and cinnamon.

The cooked dumplings with cherries and apricots are rolled in breadcrumbs and placed on a plate. Serve hot.

Apricot cake

1. Whisk the egg whites with the sugar and vanilla sugar, then add the egg yolks, chocolate cream and flour. Stir gently and pour into a tray lined with baking paper. Bake in the preheated oven, on the right heat, for 30 minutes.

2. Put the gelatin in the yogurt and leave it to soak for an hour. The apricots are washed. The ripe ones are peeled and pitted, then strained. The other apricots are cut into slices.

3. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar and apricot liqueur. Place on top of a bowl of boiling water and beat until all the sugar has dissolved. Allow to cool to room temperature and mix with the yoghurt in which the gelatine and apricot puree have been soaked. Then add half of the cream and leave to cool for at least an hour.

4. Cut the worktop in half. Put half of the cream on one sheet, then sprinkle with apricot slices and cover with the other sheet. Cover with the rest of the cream and garnish with whipped cream, walnuts and apricot slices. Leave to cool for 2-3 hours and serve.


I found this recipe in the children's book & # 8220Cooking French & # 8221. I did it with him and the result was delicious. I think that all children can cook simple recipes with their parents, and the final product will be much better, because it is made with the contribution of the little ones.


500 g cherries
3 eggs
75 old cough
15 g old powder
130 g flour
200 ml of milk
butter for greased

We wash the cherries and remove the seeds and tails. Put them in the form in which we will bake after we greased it with butter.

Mix eggs well with sugar until melted. Add the flour, then the milk a little, stirring constantly.

We will get a soft composition. Pour the dough over the cherries. Bake the tart at 190 ° C. After 20 minutes, take the tart out of the oven and sprinkle the powdered sugar, then leave it in the oven for another 15 minutes.

It is made so quickly and easily that you can't help but love this recipe!

A very quick and incredibly tasty tart recipe! Hurry up and try it while there are cherries!

We present you a recipe for clafoutis with cherries. This is probably the simplest and fastest way to get a classic French dessert. It is a cake that is prepared from the simplest and most accessible ingredients, always present in any kitchen. It helps every time you don't have enough time to prepare a dessert. Likewise, the cake can be prepared with raspberries, apricots or blueberries.


Method of preparation

1. Wash the cherries and remove the seeds.

2. Arrange the cherries in a baking dish, greased with butter and sprinkled with sugar.

3. Mix all the ingredients for the dough, using a mixer on medium speed. Get a homogeneous mass.

4. Put the dessert in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for 40-45 minutes, until golden brown.

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