Bread Recipes For Sandwiches

Bread Recipes For Sandwiches

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Hello everyone, I'm Misya, or Flavia Imperatore, I'm 34, married to Ivano and Elisa's mother, I'm Neapolitan, a lover of travel, good food and excellent company.

Easy, colorful and delicious: here are 5 appetizers with bread for sandwiches

Do you ever have to prepare an appetizer at the last moment? An improvised bruschetta or a canapé are always valid ideas. After all, you just need to have a little bread and stuff it with what you have available. After giving you an overview of different types of bread , today I thought I'd focus on a particular and versatile type to give you some suggestions on how to make appetizers with bread for sandwiches . It can be found at the supermarket in convenient packs, already cut and without rind, with a rectangular or square shape. Practical from stuff , to be cut and rolled, perfect for raw but also excellent cooked, as we will see in these delicious proposals.

QUICK and SIMPLE TRAMEZZINI with many IDEAS for FILLINGS: for buffets, aperitifs, parties

Very fast, Without Cooking: quick sandwiches from buffet or just for one delicious cold dinner and different from usual. If you have friends or family for dinner or lunch, if you want to prepare a aperitif, a starter, a birthday buffet or one party, i sandwiches can not miss! Soft slices of bread for sandwiches stuffed with your favorite ingredients: in this one recipe with rocket pesto, Ham and mozzarella! A trio of fresh ingredients, which tastes of summer, of vacation, of the sea!

The rocket pesto for delicious sandwiches or for cold or hot pasta it is very easy to prepare: rocket, robiola, parmesan, almonds, pine nuts, basil and olive oil. To be customized as you prefer by replacing the robiola with something else cream cheese like philadelphia or chartreuse, using only almonds or only Pine nuts, using grain and not parmesan! Spreadable but perfect for dressing croutons, cold or hot pasta, cold sandwiches or focaccias! With the raw ham and the mozzarella cheese it tastes great.

Obviously if you don't like the raw ham you can use it speck or the baked ham, as well as replace the mozzarella cheese with more stretched curd cheese (scamorza cheese, provolone, fontina cheese) and if you really don't like rocket pesto, another delicious pesto is that of raw zucchini: fantastic! With the filling and the filling you can really indulge yourself!

Ideas for stuffing sandwiches? You can really indulge yourself: basil pesto, tuna, green salad, tomatoes, black olive pate, Russian salad, mushrooms in oil, artichokes, mayonnaise, salami, turkey breast, hard-boiled eggs ..

Simple sandwiches but alternative, stuffed in 3 layers, cut in the classic triangular shape and stored in the refrigerator until ready to be served: the sooner the sandwich is prepared, the better it is as the bread is perfectly flavored by absorbing the flavors of the ingredients used in the filling! Therefore, the advice is to prepare the sandwiches the day before and wrap them well in cling film. Moreover, if you cut them into small triangles they are perfect if you have many guests, to be consumed for a standing finger food!

Now you just have to read the recipe, also find the VIDEO for the step by step preparation of the sandwiches and the VIDEOS of ROCKET PESTO he was born in PESTO OF ZUCCHINI! Until next time, Ivana.

Tartlets with bread for sandwiches

I am always looking for recipes with bread for sandwiches, because I find them very tasty, and this time it was the turn of some rustic tarts. I lined the tart molds with the bread, after having flattened it, and then I stuffed it with salami and fontina that you have in the fridge, but of course you can also choose sautéed vegetables in a pan, salmon, shrimp and so on. If you don't want to make decorative strips, you can use cookie cutters to get some particular mold to add to the tart.

I wish you a good day. : *


To make the party sandwiches, start preparing the dried tomato pate: in a blender, pour the drained tomatoes and give a first round of blades to chop them 1 then pour their preservation oil a little at a time 2 and continue to blend them until you get a creamy mixture. Take care of the mayonnaise: Place the egg yolks in a bowl with high sides 3

salt and pepper to your liking 4. Pour in the vinegar 5 and start working the ingredients with an electric mixer. While you are whipping the eggs, pour in the seed oil very slowly 6

you will always have to mix in the same direction until you get a thick sauce. Divide the sauce obtained into two bowls 7 and flavor one with the curry 8 and mix with a spoon to mix the sauce 9.

Meanwhile, wash and trim the courgettes then cut into thin strips 2 mm lengthwise 10 and grill them 11. Take the slices of bread and place them on a cutting board 12

to stuff them differently from each other with curry mayonnaise, classic mayonnaise 13, dried tomato pate 14, black olive pate 15,

the spreadable cheese, the goat 16, if you want you can spread with the creams also the slices of bread that you will use to close the sandwiches. Cut the mozzarella 17 and provola into slices. Complete the filling: place the smoked salmon slices on the sandwich with the curry mayonnaise, the ham on the classic mayonnaise, the mozzarella slices on the dried tomato pate, the provolone on the olive pate, the bresaola on the spreadable cheese and to finish the grilled zucchini and cut in half on the goat 18.

Close the sandwiches with the slices of bread 19 and cut them in half diagonally 20 to obtain triangles. The party sandwiches are ready to be enjoyed 21!

Similar recipes

3 easy and tasty recipes with sandwich bread!

1, Cut the cucumber into very thin slices and arrange them side by side.
2. Place the sandwich bread on top and start composing the different layers.
3. Add the tzatziki sauce and tuna, more bread and tomatoes.
4. Close with another slice of sandwich bread and other thin slices of cucumber.
5. Cut into 4 sandwiches and serve cold.

Slices of bread
Cream cheese
Dried ham
Sliced ​​cheese
Grated cheese


  1. Spread the cream cheese on the slices of bread, put the ham and the slices of cheese.
  2. Spread another layer of cheese on the bread and sprinkle the grated cheese.
  3. Cut the bread into squares and bake in the oven at 200 ° for 10 minutes.

Brioche bread
Minced meat
Sliced ​​cheese
200ml of whipping cream
400ml of milk
4 eggs
Salt with garlic

Rolls of sandwiches (Two different ideas for the filling)

Have you ever gone to an aperitif, a buffet or an aperitif, and eat those delicious ones rolls prepared with sliced ​​white bread? Today I want to suggest you two different fillings with which to prepare the classics rolls of sandwiches. Go to video recipe or continue reading for printable recipes .

In the beginning it was the tramezzino: term coined by Gabriele D & # 8217Annunzio and deriving from intramezzo. In fact, the poet used to consume them between one meal and the other to break the appetite. These sandwich they had a great success right from the start and were already very popular in all the bars of the boot. As always, when a dish is successful, a thousand variations are created and, from the classic sandwiches, to differentiate themselves, someone has moved on to rolled sandwiches. From the latter the step is short and, very soon, we arrived at the rolls of sandwiches.

Although these snacks have been on the net for years, a Veneto could very well have invented them. If there is one thing that we Venetians love, it is the aperitif (usually based on prosecco or spritz), which we never drink on an empty stomach. In fact, in every bar in the region it is customary to serve, together with the glass of wine, some cicchetto (appetizer or finger food) and a bowl of chips. Most of the time these are not snacks created just for that purpose, but are often served with the idea of ​​emptying the counter. So 2 slices of ham left go to stuff some hot croutons. Or a rolled sandwich turns into 4-5 rolls of stuffed bread.

Today I propose two nice ideas for the filling, before you go however I remind you that:

Read the recipe for the rolled filled sandwiches and prepare them yourself, especially if you plan to organize a aperitif at home!

The appetizersfromSandwichrolled up are a particularly tempting idea for i party buffet, like canapés but more practical and faster than rustic baked dishes. Obviously the taste of the filling is at your discretion and you can have fun combining many delicious ingredients in a few simple steps.

Try them stuffed with a rich layer of sauce based on mayonnaise and tuna or with the typical coupling of salami and cheese . The swivels of cooked ham and olive paté, those with salad, tomato and mozzarella or there is the more sophisticated version with avocado and smoked salmon slices.

To make the sandwiches rolled in gourmet version, just blend the pulp of an avocado with yogurt and add the juice of half a lemon, salt and pepper.

Then prepare the bread roll by thinning the bread with a rolling pin, then with a knife spread the avocado cream and place a slice of smoked salmon on the surface. Roll up and close your roll with the film transparent making it harden in the fridge for 1 hour. Finally, cut the slices of sandwich and serve!

The options are truly plentiful: you can replace the spreadable cheese with ricotta or Greek yogurt and try the variations with all kinds of vegetables, from grilled courgettes to mushrooms in oil.

For a really tasty and original touch, prepare the fried sandwich rolls: once you have rolled up your rectangular slice of bread like a roll, dip it in a beaten egg white with a pinch of salt and then roll it in breadcrumbs, then dip it into a hot pot of seed oil and turn it continuously until it is golden brown from all sides.

Sandwich like at the bar, fresh and tasty: this is the secret ingredient for a soft bread roll.

Sandwich like at the bar, fresh and tasty: this is the secret ingredient for a soft bread roll.

Did you know that the name "tramezzino" was invented by Gabriele D & # 8217Annunzio to replace the English word sandwich? "Tramezzino", as "tramezzo" was the moment of consumption: between breakfast and lunch (mid-morning snack) or between lunch and dinner (mid-afternoon snack).

Soft, practical and tasty, is it one of the most popular foods to take to our summer picnics?, And an excellent substitute for our business lunches ☹️.

Originally from Turin, the sandwich is made up of two slices of bread, usually triangular and without a crust, stuffed with sauces, meats, cheese and vegetables or other.It is eaten cold and lends itself to countless combinations and fillings.
The recent health awareness has generated a reinterpretation of the ingredients for the creation of innovative, fresh and light sandwiches, which we will talk about in another article,
in the meantime we propose the "vintage" version, the classic sandwich like at the bar:

Pancarré - white bread in a box - pan bauletto

  • 150 g of water
  • 100 g milk
  • 10 g brewer's yeast
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 500 g flour
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 50 g olive oil

in the procedure with mixer or planetary mixer, dissolve the yeast in a little water with the sugar in a bowl, put the flour, add the water with the dissolved yeast and the honey. Work the dough by adding all the water and milk a little at a time. Continue adding the oil and when it has been absorbed add the salt. Knead for a long time until the dough is well strung, soft, smooth and elastic.

In the procedure with Thermomix®, insert the ingredients in the jug in the order given, activate the ear function for 10 minutes.

Roll the dough and put it in a greased plum-cake mold and let the bread rise for an hour (it must not rise too much to maintain a fine and compact cavity) bake in a preheated static oven at 200 ° for 45 minutes.
Remove from the oven and place on a rack to cool.

Using the bread machine, put the ingredients in the tray in the order given and activate the machine: fast bread function, weight 700 g. medium crust.

To fill the sandwich as in the bar, prepare: mayonnaise, cooked ham, salad, drained canned tuna, mozzarella and salt. Cut the bread into thin slices and place them on a tray, spread the mayonnaise on a slice, put the cooked ham, slices of tomatoes and sliced ​​mozzarella, cooked ham, crumbled tuna and salad.

Cover a slice of bread spread with mayonnaise, and lightly press the sandwich, cut it diagonally and here they are ready to taste! If necessary, wrap it in cling film and keep it cool until consumption within a few hours.