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Sour cream cake

Sour cream cake

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Ingredients for making sour cream cake with nuts

For the test:

  1. Wheat flour 2 cups
  2. 4 eggs
  3. Sour cream 1 cup
  4. Sugar 1 cup
  5. Baking powder for dough 1 tablespoon
  6. Cocoa Powder 2 Tbsp
  7. Vegetable oil 1-2 tablespoons (to lubricate the form)

For cream:

  1. Sour cream 600 grams
  2. Peanuts or walnuts, peeled 1 cup
  3. Sugar 1.5 cups
  4. Vanillin on the tip of a knife
  • Main ingredients: Sour cream, Nuts, Sponge cake
  • Serving 10 Servings


A glass, a tablespoon, an oven, a flat serving dish, a large bowl, a kitchen knife, a mixer, a sieve, a medium bowl - 2 pieces, a deep baking dish, kitchen potholders, a toothpick, a kitchen spatula, a stove, a frying pan, a small bowl, a refrigerator , scoop - 2 pieces, grate for cake layers, blender, wooden spatula

Cooking sour cream cake with nuts:

Step 1: prepare the flour mixture.

In order for the cakes to be airy and tender, we definitely need to sift the flour. Thanks to this process, the component is saturated with oxygen and gets rid of excess lumps. So, pour the flour into a sieve and do the necessary procedure directly above the medium bowl.

Next, add here the baking powder for the dough and, using a tablespoon, mix everything well until smooth.

Step 2: prepare the egg-sugar mixture.

With a knife, we break the shell of the eggs, and pour the yolks with squirrels into a large bowl. Pour sugar here and, using a mixer, beat everything at high speed until the last component is dissolved. We should get a thick, pale yellow mass.

Step 3: prepare the dough for the cake.

In a bowl with egg-sugar mixture, pour sour cream and continuously continue to whisk everything with a mixer until smooth. Now in small portions we begin to pour out the mixed flour with baking powder here. Attention: continue to mix the mass with improvised inventory so that lumps do not form.

We should get a thick dough that can easily be poured from one container to another.

Step 4: prepare the cake for the cake.

1/2 part pour the finished dough into a clean medium bowl and immediately add cocoa powder here. Using a tablespoon, mix everything thoroughly until smooth. We should get white and coffee dough.

Next, grease the bottom and walls of the baking dish with vegetable oil and sprinkle with a small amount of flour. First, pour the first dough here and turn on the oven. As soon as it warms up to temperature 180 ° C, set the capacity to medium level and bake for 15-20 minutes. After the allotted time, carefully using the kitchen tack, we get out the form and check the readiness of the cake with a toothpick. To do this, pierce her dough somewhere in the middle. If the wooden stick remains dry and without lumps of dough, then the first cake is ready and you can start baking the second. If not, then extend the time by a few more minutes. In any case, the surface of the white layer of dough should be covered with a golden brown crust. Attention: Before preparing the second cake, be sure to slightly cool the mold, then gently move its contents to the wire rack and re-lubricate the container with vegetable oil and sprinkle with flour.

Pour coffee dough here and bake it in the oven for the same time. At the end, check the cake with a toothpick and turn off the oven. Let our baked dough cool completely, and in the meantime we will prepare the cream and prepare the nuts.

Step 5: prepare the nuts.

For the filling, any nuts are suitable. For example, I used peanuts, walnuts, cashews and even forest ones. In any of the options, the cake is tasty and fragrant. Therefore, first of all, pour the components into the pan and put on a small fire. From time to time, stirring them with a wooden spatula, fry the nuts until a soft golden color. Immediately after that we turn off the burner, and set the pan aside. Let the peanuts cool slightly.

Now pour the nuts into the blender bowl and grind at medium speed until the crumbs are mixed with pieces. Important: strongly chopping components is also not necessary so that they do not turn into sand.

Step 6: prepare sour cream for the cake.

Put sour cream in a small bowl and pour sugar and vanilla on the tip of the knife. Using a mixer, beat everything at medium speed until the penultimate ingredient dissolves. Everything, the cream is ready!

Step 7: make sour cream cake with nuts.

When the cakes are cooled, use a knife to cut them in half along. First of all, lay out the coffee (on the rosy side down) on a flat plate for serving. Abundantly grease it with sour cream and sprinkle with a small amount of chopped nuts. Next, cover the base of the cake with half a light cake and repeat everything from beginning to end. We do this until the baked dough is over. The surface and sides of the cake are well lubricated with the remaining sour cream and sprinkled with nuts. To make the pastries tender and juicy, be sure to put it in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours. Let it stand and soak in the cream.

Step 8: serve sour cream cake with nuts.

When the cake is infused, we take it out of the refrigerator and can immediately serve it to the dining table. After that, we cut it into portioned slices and treat friends and family to this incredibly delicious pastry along with tea or coffee.
Bon appetit to all!

Recipe Tips:

- for the preparation of cream it is best to take thick sour cream. I usually use homemade, because even after whipping, it keeps its shape and does not turn into a liquid mass;

- to make good tasty cakes, use only wheat flour of the highest grade, fine grinding and a proven brand;

- before serving, if desired, you can decorate the cake with slices of various fruits, melt the chocolate in a water bath in advance and pour the baking surface on it, making a net, and just sprinkle with coconut flakes or cocoa powder.


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