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Fruit pizza

Fruit pizza

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Ingredients for Making Fruit Pizza


  1. Milk 150 ml
  2. Dry yeast 1/2 tsp
  3. Flour 250 g
  4. Honey 2 tsp
  5. Olive oil 2 tsp
  6. 1 zest orange
  7. Salt 1/4 teaspoon


  1. Nectarine (peach) 200 g
  2. Cherries 100 g
  3. Strawberry 200 g
  4. Kiwi 1 pc
  5. Apricots 100 g
  6. Blueberries 50 g
  7. Jam (blackcurrant or other) 100 g
  • Main Ingredients: Orange, Apricot, Kiwi, Peach, Cherry, Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Milk, Flour, Honey
  • Serving 8 servings


Small salad bowl or bowl - 2 pcs, Bowl or salad bowl - 1 pcs, Rolling pin, Cutting board, Knife, Small plate - 4 pcs, Small grater, Pan - 1 L, Strainer, Round shape for a cake or pan length of pizza, Culinary brush, Cling film, baking parchment

Making fruit pizza:

Step 1: make the dough.

Heat the milk so that it is warm, but not hot. Pour most of the milk into one bowl and a little into another.
Add honey to the first bowl, mix until it dissolves and pour in the yeast (do not mix).

Leave on for about 10 minutes to activate the yeast.

In the second bowl with milk, add salt and mix so that it completely dissolves.

Sift flour into a bowl. Now you need to add the zest of orange. You can rub it immediately into a bowl. Wash the orange in hot water and wipe it dry.

Mix flour with orange zest, add milk with yeast and honey, mix. Then add milk and salt and mix again.

Add olive oil, mix and start kneading the dough with your hands.

Put it on the table and knead until you get a uniform, elastic dough.

Form a ball from the dough, put in a bowl and cover with cling film or a towel. Leave to approach for half an hour. At this time, you can start preparing fruits and berries for the filling.

Step 2: Preparing the ingredients for the filling.

The number of fruits and berries in the recipe is indicated in grams approximately. And those and others can be of different sizes and, accordingly, weights. In addition, it is not necessary to follow the proposed option, you can make your own with any number of fruits and berries that you like and are available. Thanks to supermarkets, many of them can be bought all year round, but, unfortunately, their taste can not be compared with real seasonal ones.
So, peel the kiwi, cut in half and cut into small pieces. We shift to a plate.

Apricots are divided into halves, remove the seeds and cut into slices. We remove the tail from the strawberries, cut the berries in half or in four. Small ones can be used as a whole.

We cut the nectarine (or peach) in half, remove the stone and cut into cubes or slices, as you like. Transfer chopped nectarine to a plate.
Wash and dry the cherries and blueberries well enough. In general, they look very good. Put the prepared berries on a plate.

Step 3: Cooking Fruit Pizza.

While we were preparing fruits and berries, the dough was already quite suitable. Take it out of the bowl. Now you need to roll the dough into a thin circle.

Cover the baking dish with parchment. It is needed not only so that the dough does not stick to the form, if you have it without a special coating, but also to easily transfer the finished fruit pizza to the dish.
To shift the dough into a mold, you can "wrap" it on a rolling pin and then gently unwind it above the mold.

Smooth the dough into the mold with your hands and make punctures with a fork evenly on all surfaces so that the dough does not bubble. Put in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees and bake about 10-15 minutes.
Remove the pizza cake pan and leave to cool completely.

Lubricate the cooled cake with a thin layer of jam. Spread the peaches evenly.

Then lay out all the prepared ingredients for the filling in any order. Dip a brush into the jam and apply a thin layer of all the fruits and berries. Everything, fruit pizza is ready.

Step 4: Serve fruit pizza.

Serve fruit pizza for dessert and afternoon snack for children. Adults will also appreciate the beauty and original taste of this pizza.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- You can use canned peaches for the filling, and make jelly from the syrup and pour them with the laid out fruits and berries (in this case, you do not need to grease jam on top), and refrigerate for half an hour, if the gelatin is good, just check. The jelly layer should be small, about 1 cm.

- Pour the fruits and berries with melted chocolate, it will turn out even tastier and more beautiful.