Pickled Mushrooms

Pickled Mushrooms

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Ingredients for Making Pickled Mushrooms

  1. Small champignons 500 gr.
  2. Water 500 ml.
  3. Apple cider vinegar 50 ml.
  4. Vegetable oil 50 ml.
  5. Salt 0.5 tbsp. l
  6. Sugar 0.5 tbsp. l
  7. Peas Peas 5 pcs.
  8. Bay leaf 1 pc.
  • Main Ingredients Mushrooms
  • World Cuisine

Cooking pickled champignons:

Pour water, oil into a saucepan, pour salt and sugar, bring to a boil. Pour vinegar, add peppercorns and bay leaf. Pour mushrooms, cover, let the brine boil. Cook mushrooms on low heat for 40 minutes, no less. When the mushrooms are cooked, turn off the heat, let cool. Pour into a glass dish and let it brew for a day. Ready-made mushrooms can be served.