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Fritters on sour cream

Fritters on sour cream

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Ingredients for making fritters on sour cream

  1. Sour cream 400 g
  2. Premium wheat flour 1 1/2 cups
  3. 4 eggs
  4. Sugar 3 tbsp
  5. Vanilla Sugar 1 tsp
  6. Soda 1 1/2 tsp
  7. Table vinegar for quenching soda
  8. Salt 1/4 teaspoon
  9. Refined vegetable oil for frying
  • Main Ingredients Sour Cream, Flour, Sugar


Bowl - 2 pcs, Mixer or whisk, Frying pan, Tablespoon, Tea spoon, Sieve, Bowl, Shovel

Cooking fritters on sour cream:

Step 1: make the dough.

It is advisable to get eggs and sour cream from the refrigerator in advance so that they are warmed to room temperature. So it will be easier to beat them.
Eggs can be beaten with a mixer or fork beforehand. There is no need for special splendor, anyway, then beat with sour cream and sugar.

Pour sour cream into a bowl and add eggs and sugar.

Beat eggs with sugar and sour cream in a homogeneous mass.

Extinguish soda with vinegar and add to eggs and sour cream, mix. Sift the flour into a separate bowl and gradually pour into the bowl. The amount of flour in the recipe is approximate. It depends on the density and fat content of sour cream and egg size, so navigate yourself. If you see that the density of the dough is already sufficient, you can not add the remaining flour, if it is still liquid, but use the whole flour, then feel free to add more, only a little, so that it does not turn out too thick. The dough should be of medium density and normally slide off a spoon.

Step 2: Make pancakes on sour cream.

Place the pan over medium heat, pour a little vegetable oil (the pancakes should not float in it) and heat. Fry the pancakes in a well-heated oil. It is often recommended to use butter, but it starts to burn quickly. You can use ghee, it’s easier with it and the pancakes are very tasty.
Spread pancakes with dessert or a tablespoon. Fry on both sides until golden brown. The fire should not be very large, otherwise a dough will remain inside. Transfer the prepared pancakes to a dinner plate or flat dish.

Step 3: Serve the pancakes on sour cream.

Serve warm pancakes with your favorite jam, with honey, sour cream, and condensed milk. In any case, it will be very tasty.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

You can, before turning the pancakes on the other side, sprinkle them with chocolate drops. It will turn out not only beautifully, but also very tasty and an addition in the form of jam or something else is not needed.

- Before you start cooking, be sure to try sour cream, if there is at least some unpleasant aftertaste, it is better to throw it away. Ready fritters will have the same aftertaste.

- In the dough you can add the zest of orange or lemon, the smell and taste will be breathtaking.