Celery Salad with Apple and Chicken

Ingredients for making celery salad with apple and chicken

  1. Chicken meat (broiler fillet) 350 grams
  2. Apple (not sweet) 2 pieces
  3. Celery (stalks) 2 pieces (large)
  4. Green onions 2-3 feathers
  5. Walnut 70 grams
  6. Mayonnaise to taste
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Ground black pepper to taste
  9. Purified water as needed
  • Main Ingredients: Onion, Celery, Chicken, Apple
  • Portion2-3
  • World Cuisine


Kitchen scales, kitchen knife - 2-3 pieces, cutting board - 2-3 pieces, paper kitchen towels, stove, deep pan (capacity 3 liters), deep plate, deep bowl, tablespoon, serving plate.

Making celery salad with apple and chicken:

Step 1: prepare the chicken fillet.

Despite a rather unconventional combination of products, the salad is very tasty and really worth a try. To begin with, carefully wash the fresh chicken fillet from the broiler chicken, dry it with paper kitchen towels, put it on a cutting board and use a sharp kitchen knife to get rid of the film, cartilage, as well as excess fat. Then we put the chicken in a deep saucepan, pour 4-5 fingers higher with purified water and put on medium heat. Cook meat until cooked for 20-25 minutes. When on the cut it changes color from pink to pale beige, transfer the fillet to a deep plate and place it near the ajar window, let it cool quickly to room temperature.

Step 2: prepare the boiled chicken and the rest of the ingredients.

We don’t lose a minute, we start to deal with other important components of the dish. Rinse under streams of cold running water all the fruits and vegetables indicated in the ingredients. We dry them, put them on a cutting board in turn and continue preparation. We remove each stalk of celery from the upper hard peel, cut it lengthwise into 3-4 parts and chop them into cubes up to 1 centimeter in size. We divide the apples into 2 halves, remove the core with seeds from them and chop them the same way as the previous product or with slices up to 5-6 millimeters thick. In green onions, remove the roots and shred. We sort walnuts from shell fragments, send them to a clean board and chop them into small or medium pieces with a new sharp knife.

While doing the slices, the fillet has cooled down, move it to another board and cut into small portioned pieces from 1 to 1.5 centimeters in size, although if you so desire, you can just take the meat into fibers, helping yourself with two table forks. Then we spread the rest of the ingredients that will be needed to prepare the dish on the countertop, and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: bring the celery salad with apple and chicken to full readiness.

We chopped celery stalks, green onions, apples, chicken and chopped walnuts into a deep bowl. Season to taste with salt, black pepper and mayonnaise. We mix the salad with a tablespoon to a homogeneous consistency, lay it out in portions on plates, set it on the table along with other goodies and invite the family to a meal!

Step 4: serve celery salad with apple and chicken.

Celery salad with apple and chicken is served immediately after cooking at room temperature in specially designed dishes or in portions on plates.

Before serving, it is optionally decorated with fresh finely chopped greens of dill, parsley or cilantro, decorated with olives, olives, as well as lettuce leaves. Such a great addition to breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack or dinner will give a pleasant satiation and enjoyment, so cook with love and be healthy!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- an alternative to chicken breast - any other parts of this bird, free from bones, cartilage and skin, for example, thighs, lower legs, wings;

- very often, before serving, this salad is sprinkled with black or white fried sesame seeds, it gives the dish its pleasant zest;

- to make the meal more satisfying, you can add to it a pair of hard-boiled and finely chopped chicken eggs, goat or hard cheese, Feta, tofu or a piece of feta cheese;

- at will, mayonnaise can be replaced with more healthy sour cream, thick homemade yogurt without flavoring or cream;

- some housewives cook chicken meat with spices, from this it acquires a more saturated pleasant aroma.