Stuffed zucchini in the oven

Stuffed zucchini in the oven

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Ingredients for Cooking Stuffed Zucchini in the Oven

  1. Zucchini 1 pc
  2. Ground beef 500 g
  3. 5 cloves of garlic
  4. Onion 2 pcs
  5. Tomatoes 400 g
  6. 3 eggs
  7. Cheese 150 g
  8. Vegetable oil for baking
  9. Parsley to taste
  10. Ground black pepper to taste
  11. Salt to taste
  • Main ingredients: Beef, Zucchini, Garlic, Cheese


Knife, Cutting board, Bakeware, Oven, Foil, Stove, Kitchen spatula, Frying pan, Tablespoon, Pots, Grater

Cooking stuffed zucchini in the oven:

Step 1: Prepare vegetables and cheese.

And the first thing we will start with is chopping vegetables and cheese. We turn on a strong fire on the stove, put a small pan, pour clean water and bring to a boil. During this time, we wash the tomatoes under running water and make shallow cuts cross to cross on them. Then we lower them into boiling water for several seconds, carefully remove and remove the skin. Now put the tomatoes on a cutting board, cut into small pieces of arbitrary shape and transfer to a clean plate.
We clear the onion from the husk, rinse under running water and cut it into a small cube on a cutting board.
Grate the cheese with small holes.
Remove the husks from the cloves of garlic and grind them either with a knife, or with the help of a special garlic mill, or on a grater.
We wash the parsley under running water, shake over the sink and chop finely on a cutting board.

Step 2: Prepare the zucchini.

A small pot of water can be removed from the stove, and in its place also put a pot, but already large, also fill it with clean water and bring to a boil.
We wash the zucchini under running water, cut the skin with a sharp knife and put it on a cutting board. We cut across into two parts and with the help of a tablespoon we clean the core from the seeds, so that we have the central part freed (where we will lay the filling).
When the water in the pan boils, add salt, wait until it boils again, after which we put the halves of the zucchini and turn off the fire immediately.

Step 3: Prepare the filling.

In the meantime, the filling is prepared, the zucchini should remain in the water. Turn on the medium heat on the next burner, put the pan and pour the vegetable oil. When it warms up, spread bowfry for 2 - 3 minutesadd garlicmix and fry still 2 - 3 minutes. Then we stack chopped meat, mix, cover and fry about 10 minutes. Then add tomatoes, parsley, mix with a spatula and stew meat for 5 - 7 minutes. Next, remove the lid, add black ground pepper, salt to taste, turn off the heat and leave the finished filling for another 2 minutes.
Now you need to add the eggs, for this we wash them under hot running water and making sure that the filling is cool enough (so that the egg white does not curl), break them into a pan, sprinkle with half of the grated cheese and mix thoroughly until smooth.

Step 4: Stuff the zucchini.

We take out the prepared zucchini from the water and put it on a cutting board. Cover the baking dish with foil and grease with vegetable oil. Then we arm ourselves with a tablespoon and stuff the zucchini with our filling.

Then we place the squash on the foil, combine the halves, pour with vegetable oil (3 tablespoons will be enough) and sprinkle with the remaining cheese. We bend the ends of the foil so that the zucchini closes, but a small gap remains.

Step 5: Bake the dish.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, then set the shape and bake zucchini for 45 minutes. Then we take out the form, unfold the foil, remove the dish back into the oven, raise the temperature to 200 degrees and bake zucchini more 5 minutes to form a cheese crust.

We take out the form from the oven and leave the dish to cool for 10 minutes.

Step 6: Serve the stuffed zucchini in the oven.

Before serving the zucchini, cut into circles of arbitrary thickness, arrange them on plates and decorate with fresh herbs or lemon slices, as well as add sour cream or any homemade sauce. Although the dish itself is very juicy, soft and tasty.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Together with black pepper, you can add other aromatic spices, for example, thyme, to the filling.

- If it is not the season of tomatoes, you can replace them with tomato sauce, 2 - 3 tablespoons will be enough. And also replace the green parsley, dried.

- Stuffing can be used not only beef, but also pork, chicken, as well as allsorts.