Cucumber and carrot salad for the winter

Cucumber and carrot salad for the winter

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Ingredients for the preparation of cucumber and carrot salad for the winter

  1. Fresh cucumbers 5 kilograms
  2. Onion 1 kg
  3. Carrot 1 kg
  4. Vegetable oil 1 cup
  5. Vinegar 1 cup
  6. Salt 4 tablespoons
  7. Sugar 1/2 cup
  8. Ground black pepper to taste
  9. Allspice to taste
  • Main ingredients: Onion, Carrot, Cucumber


Deep enameled or glass bowl, wooden spatula, grater, kitchen knife, cutting board, pan, dish towel, glass jars with lids.

Cooking a salad of cucumbers and carrots for the winter:

Step 1: prepare the cucumbers.

Rinse the cucumbers properly, helping yourself with a sponge or brush, and then dry with wet towels. Cut off the ends on both sides. Chop the prepared cucumbers with circles. The skin does not need to be peeled off.

Step 2: prepare the carrots.

Peel the carrots, rinse several times with warm running water, and dry with towels. Grind carrots with a coarse grater or food processor.

Step 3: prepare the onion.

Peel the bulbs, cut off all the excess. Rinse the onion in cold water, and then cut it with feathers or thin half rings.

Step 4: prepare a salad of cucumbers and carrots.

In a large enamel or glass bowl, mix together all the prepared vegetables. Add granulated sugar, salt, vinegar, allspice and black pepper, pour in the oil and mix well. Let the cucumber and carrot salad infuse and pickle. To do this, leave it at room temperature on 2.5 - 3 hours.

Step 5: preserve the salad of cucumbers and carrots for the winter.

After 3 hours, place the salad of cucumbers and carrots in sterilized jars, ramming tightly. Fill the container with the blank at the very neck, cover with lids and put it in a pan, the bottom of which is lined with a towel. Fill the water so that the cans are immersed in it by 2/3. Put the pot with all this stuff on the fire and pasteurize the cucumber and carrot salad for 10-15 minutes.
After pasteurization, tightly close the jars with salad lids, turn them upside down and leave until cool.

Step 6: serve a salad of cucumbers and carrots.

Store the finished salad of cucumbers and carrots in a dark place, along with other preparations for the winter. You can serve it as a dish on your own, or as a snack on the festive table.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- It is best to put canned salads in small jars so that they immediately open and eat.

- I do not recommend using detergents to wash cans, good old baking soda can do much better, do not forget to rinse the container well with water only afterwards.


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