Ceps salted for the winter

Ceps salted for the winter

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Ingredients for the preparation of porcini mushrooms, salted for the winter

  1. Ceps 1 kg
  2. Water 1/2 cup
  3. Salt 2 tablespoons
  4. Dill to taste
  5. Currant leaves 2-3 pieces
  6. Allspice 2 pieces
  7. Cloves 2 pieces
  8. Bay leaf 2 pieces
  • Main Ingredients Mushrooms


Saucepan, kitchen knife, glass jars with screw caps, colander, soup ladle, slotted spoon.

Cooking porcini mushrooms, salted for the winter:

Step 1: prepare the porcini mushrooms.

Porcini mushrooms sorted, dipped in water and thoroughly washed. In this case, water needs to be changed several times. Thanks to such a fairly simple procedure, leaves, twigs, and other plant debris, which in the forest, and, accordingly, on mushrooms, too much, will easily leave the mushrooms. Also during washing, you need to cut off the earthy parts of the legs.
Pure ceps, if they are quite large, it is better to cut into several pieces. Leave the little ones intact.

Step 2: pickle porcini mushrooms.

Pour a small amount of water into the pan (half a glass per kilogram of mushrooms), add salt, dill, currant leaves, a couple of allspice peas, cloves and a few bay leaves to it. Put everything on medium heat and bring to a boil.

Pour prepared porcini mushrooms into boiling brine. Simmer for 25 minutes after boiling. Do not forget to gently stir the contents of the pan and periodically remove the foam from the surface, it is most convenient to do this with a slotted spoon.
After cooking, discard the mushrooms in a colander, but do not drain the brine, save it and let it cool.

Step 3: lay the ceps in banks.

Prepare small glass jars. Be sure to rinse and sterilize them. Do not forget about the covers.

Arrange cooked porcini mushrooms in jars and pour them with cooled brine. Close the lids and store in a refrigerator or other cool place.

Step 4: serve porcini mushrooms, salted for the winter.

Serve porcini mushrooms salted for the winter as an appetizer or as one of the components of a complex side dish. Such mushrooms are always welcome, it doesn’t matter if it’s just a family dinner or a big celebration. Porcini mushrooms are loved by so many, which is why it is so nice to have a couple of jars with them in stock to treat guests and home, as well as periodically please yourself.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Ceps salted according to this recipe can be eaten only after a month and a half, that is, after 45 days.

- You don’t need to roll up jars of mushrooms tightly, and these pickles should be stored in a cool place.

- It is better to use pure, spring or bottled water.