Salmon Rolls

Salmon Roll Ingredients

  1. Sesame seeds 1 teaspoon
  2. Lightly salted or smoked salmon 150 grams
  3. Soft cheese (for example, Philadelphia) 100 grams
  4. Garlic to taste
  5. Green onions to taste
  6. 1/2 cucumber long pieces
  • Main ingredients: Salmon, Cucumber, Cheese
  • Serving 2 servings


Cutting board, kitchen knife, butter knife, cling film, refrigerator, garlic press.

Cooking salmon rolls:

Step 1: Prepare the work surface.

First, prepare a workplace for yourself. To do this, put a cutting board on the countertop and cover it with cling film.

Step 2: Cook the salmon rolls.

Sprinkle sesame seeds in the center of the cling film.

Remove the salmon fillet and cut into thin slices. Place the chopped fish on a film. Pieces should be layered on each other, forming a single layer without gaps and holes.

Mix soft cheese with crushed cloves of garlic and a little finely chopped green onion. Spread the resulting mixture with a thick layer on the salmon fillet.

Peel the half of the cucumber from the skin and cut into thin cubes. Put the pieces of cucumber on the salmon, arranging them all on one side.

Pull the cling film one edge and roll the salmon fillet into a roll, gradually removing the polyethylene from it. Thus, you will get a “sausage” of fish fillet stuffed with cream cheese and fresh cucumber.

Step 3: Cool the salmon rolls.

Wrap the salmon roll with cling film, pressing it firmly and sealing the edges. In this form, send everything to the freezer at least 4-5 minutes. If you have time, then it is possible for a longer time, but then put it not in the freezer, but in the refrigerator. You can even make a salmon roll in advance, pack it and send it to cool, and get it just before serving.

Step 4: Serve the salmon rolls.

Before serving the salmon roll, release the sweat of the cling film, cut into several pieces and serve. If desired, you can decorate each roll with a slice of lemon, fresh herbs or a slice of cucumber.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Instead of soft cheese, you can use fatty cottage cheese or spicy processed cheeses. Of course, the results will vary to taste, but an excellent fish snack will come out anyway.

- Sesame seeds can be lightly browned first.

- You can add not only onion feathers to cheese, but also other fragrant greens.