Cabbage salad with omelet

Ingredients for making coleslaw with scrambled eggs

  1. Boiled chicken fillet 1 pc.
  2. White cabbage 300 g
  3. Mayonnaise 2 tbsp. l
  4. Egg 2 pcs.
  5. Milk 2 tbsp. l
  6. Salt 1/3 tsp
  7. Dill 3 branches.
  • Main Ingredients: Cabbage, Chicken, Eggs, Milk

Cooking cabbage salad with scrambled eggs:

Beat eggs with a whisk, pour in milk and add salt. Once again, beat well.

Grease the pan with vegetable oil. Pour a little mixture and fry the pancakes on both sides. Put on a plate, let cool.

Chop the cabbage thinly, add and squeeze to let the juice flow.

Chop dill, leave a little for decoration.

Dismantle the chicken fillet into fibers or chop finely.

Cut pancakes 1 cm wide, leave a little for decoration.

Combine cabbage, dill, pancakes, mayonnaise in a bowl.

Put the salad on the dish, decorate with pancakes and dill on top. Good appetite!