Berry pudding

Berry pudding

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Ingredients for Making Berry Pudding

  1. Fresh berries 8 cups
  2. Sugar 1 cup
  3. Loaf of white bread 1 piece
  4. Cherry brandy 2 tablespoons (optional)
  5. Whipped cream for serving
  • Main ingredients: Blackberry, Strawberry, Redcurrant, Raspberry, Bread, Sugar
  • Serving 4 servings


Deep plate, cling film, soup ladle, sieve, tablespoon, press, kitchen knife, cutting board, refrigerator.

Making berry pudding:

Step 1: Prepare the berries.

To prepare the pudding, we need nothing at all: bread, sugar and fresh berries. You can also add a little cherry brandy and whipped cream, the latter must be added to the finished dessert.

Wash the berries, remove the ponytails, twigs, and trash accidentally collected / transported, and then dip them into the pan, add sugar and put on medium heat.

Cook the berries until they give a lot of juice and become much softer. After that, they will need to be thrown back into a sieve or colander to pump out the liquid (berry syrup, of course, leave it aside for now, it will come in handy).

Step 2: Prepare the bread.

Bread should be cut into thin slices, and then cut off all the crusts so that only the flesh remains.

Step 3: Cooking Berry Pudding.

Cover the dish in which you will prepare the pudding with cling film, leaving a decent length of the edge.
Place slices of bread on the bottom and sides of the plate, trimming them slightly to make them fit and sized.

Lay out half of all the berries. So far without juice.

Again a layer of bread, and then the remaining berries and 2/3 whole berry syrup. Remove the remaining liquid while in the refrigerator, we will need it to serve the finished pudding.

Finish the pudding assembly with the last layer of bread slices.

Step 4: Insist on berry pudding.

Wrap the edges of the cling film, place a dish on top, and some kind of press on it. For example, a heavy jar of canned tomatoes. Put everything in the refrigerator and leave it there for the night, that is, on 10-12 hours.

The next day, remove the press, unfold the film, pour the pudding with the remaining berry juice, especially where there are dry spots, and then carefully turn it on a flat plate. Remove the film, pour the berry syrup again, so that there are no wet places left, and serve it to the table!
Important: to turn the pudding on a plate, cover the dish with it with a flat dish, press firmly, and then just sharply turn it upside down.

Step 5: Serve the berry pudding.

Cut the finished berry pudding into portioned slices, place on saucers, decorate each piece with whipped cream and serve! This is delicious! Delicious summer dessert.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Pudding is very tasty, if you add red currants, be sure to try.