Multicooked Braised Cabbage

Multicooked Braised Cabbage

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Ingredients for Cooking Braised Cabbage in a Multicooker

  1. White cabbage 1.5 kilograms (one head)
  2. Vegetable oil 1 tablespoon
  3. Onion 2 pieces
  4. Tomato paste 140 grams
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Ground black pepper or peas to taste
  7. Purified water 1 multi-glass
  • Main Ingredients Cabbage, Onion, Carrot
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World Cuisine


Kitchen knife, Cutting board, Paper kitchen towels, Grater, Deep bowl, Plate, Slow cooker, Multi-glass, Tablespoon, Wooden kitchen spatula or plastic spoon

Cooking stewed cabbage in a slow cooker:

Step 1: prepare the ingredients.

First of all, we prepare all the products that are needed for cooking. We remove old leaves from white cabbage, and peel onions and carrots. Then we wash the vegetables under cold running water, dry with paper kitchen towels, take turns on a chopping board and chop. We cut onions in half rings or cubes up to 5-6 millimeters thick.
Rub carrots on medium or large grater.

We shred the cabbage with straws up to 7 millimeters thick, put it in a deep bowl, and the remaining slices in deep plates. We also put salt, tomato paste and black pepper on the kitchen table.

Step 2: prepare the stewed cabbage in a slow cooker.

Now we start cooking. Turn on and warm the multicooker for 5 minutes on mode "Bakery products". Then pour vegetable oil into its bowl and spread the chopped onion. Fry it 5 minutes, stirring occasionally with a wooden kitchen spatula or plastic spoon.

After that, add carrots, tomato paste to the onion and simmer the vegetables together for another 5 minutes. Next, put chopped cabbage, salt, black pepper in the multicooker bowl and pour in a single glass of purified water. Gently mix the products to a homogeneous consistency and set the mode on the kitchen appliance Soup / Stew on 1 hour.

During the entire cooking time, the multicooker lid can be opened and mixed several times. If at the end of the stew at the bottom of the bowl there is a lot of water left, fry the cabbage in the mode "Bakery products" 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the amount of fluid.

Step 3: serve the stewed cabbage in a slow cooker.

Sauerkraut in a slow cooker - the perfect breakfast, a great addition to lunch or a light dinner. After cooking, it is insisted under a closed lid for another 5 to 7 minutes. Then transferred to any other clean dishes. Then the cabbage is either cooled or served in a warm form. This dish can be served as a main course or as a side dish for dishes of poultry, fish and meat. Tasty and inexpensive! Enjoy it!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- If desired, the set of spices can be supplemented with spices such as dried parsley, French herbs, paprika, chili pepper, marjoram, anise or caraway seeds.

- Onions and carrots can be fried with fresh lettuce pepper, previously chopped with thin strips.

- Instead of tomato paste, you can use tomato sauce or ketchup, and you can also replace it with a glass of tomato juice, but in this case it is better not to add water.

- This recipe was prepared using a Panasonic kitchen appliance, but all multicookers vary in power. Therefore, the mode and time of preparation should be adjusted based on the instructions of your unit.

- During the preparation of any dishes in the multicooker, the products should be mixed only with plastic or wooden equipment!


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