Chinese lamb

Chinese lamb

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Chinese lamb ingredients

  1. Lamb (ham) 500 grams
  2. Onion 1 piece (large)
  3. Provencal herbs 2-3 teaspoons
  4. Dried ground ginger 1-1.5 teaspoons
  5. Freshly ground black pepper, 0.5 teaspoon
  6. Chili pepper to taste
  7. Soy sauce 1 tablespoon or to taste
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Vegetable oil 2-3 tablespoons
  • Main Ingredients: Lamb, Onion
  • Serving 2 servings
  • World CuisineAsian, Oriental


Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Kitchen knife - 2 pieces, Cutting board - 2 pieces, Paper kitchen towels, Deep bowl, Opress, Refrigerator, Frying pan, Stove, Kitchen shovel, Plate

Cooking mutton in Chinese:

Step 1: prepare the lamb.

To prepare this dish, we choose fresh mutton ham of medium fat content. We rinse it under a stream of cold running water, dry it with paper kitchen towels, put it on a cutting board and cut off excess fat from it along with the top film.
Then remove the meat from the bone, strip it from the veins and cut it across the fibers with very thin plates, the thickness of which should fluctuate approximately from 1 to 3 millimeters. We shift the slices into a deep bowl and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: prepare onions and chili peppers.

We take a large onion, with a clean kitchen knife, peel it, rinse it with chili pepper under cold running water, dry the vegetables with paper towels, put it on a clean cutting board and chop it in turn. Onion - rings or half rings thick from 7 millimeters to 1 centimeterand pepper just finely chopped.

Step 3: pickle the lamb.

Now we shift the chopped vegetables into a bowl of lamb. Lightly knead the food with your hands so that the onions let the juice. Next, add Provencal herbs, dried ginger, freshly ground black pepper and salt to them, put it a little, don't forget that soy sauce will be added to the dish during cooking!
After that, mix the mutton with spices until a homogeneous consistency, put under oppression and send to the refrigerator 12 hours (night), and preferably 24 (days).

Step 4: cook the lamb in Chinese.

After the necessary time, we take out a bowl of pickled meat from the refrigerator, put a deep frying pan on a large fire and pour a little vegetable oil into it. When it warms up well, we lower the lamb there along with all the ingredients with which it was pickled.

Fry ham pieces, constantly stirring with a kitchen spatula. We do not leave the stove, the dish is prepared very quickly.

As soon as the meat juice boils away - evaporates, pour soy sauce into the pan.

Quickly mix everything until smooth, simmer for a minute and remove the aromatic food from the stove. We lay the lamb in portions on plates and serve to the table with your favorite side dish.

Step 5: serve the lamb in Chinese.

Chinese lamb is served hot immediately after cooking. It is mainly served with boiled or steamed rice, fried Chinese cabbage, as well as noodles. Very often, this dish is complemented by a salad of fresh vegetables, bread slices or rice cakes. Its taste is saturated, with a pleasant sharpness and pronounced aroma of spices, which completely interrupt the specific mutton smell inherent in this type of animal. Enjoy it!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- instead of fresh chili peppers, you can use dried, and ginger - replace with fresh;

- lamb can be pickled in dry red wine, it has the ability to dissolve fat, and also softens meat and gives it a more delicate, piquant flavor after frying or stewing;

- in the process of pickling, mix lamb with onions several times so that the vegetable juice is better absorbed into pieces of meat, rather than flowing to the bottom of the bowl;

- if desired, lamb can be pickled in a mixture of garlic and onions;

- Very often, onions are replaced with green or leek.