Homemade chocolate in wafer sheets

Homemade chocolate in wafer sheets

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Put the water with the sugar on the fire in a pot and let it boil until all the sugar melts and a syrup that resembles bee honey results, add the orange peel.

Set the bowl aside and add the diced butter.

Mix well with a pinch of pear until all the butter melts.

We put a third of the butter syrup in another bowl.

Mix in the syrup left in the bowl (the larger amount) cocoa well so that it does not remain lumpy, and add about 250 gr of milk powder here, mix well and put the ground walnuts and coarsely chopped hazelnuts.

Put the powdered milk (100 gr) on the other side of the syrup and mix well to break all the donuts.

Put the first wafer sheet on a tray and pour the cocoa chocolate over it, pour the white one over it, and cover with the second wafer sheet.

We press a little and let it cool until it hardens, if you have something to put on it, to press it maybe, I didn't put it… I pressed from time to time not to lift the sheet from above.

Cut into pieces and serve.