Hungarian Salo

Hungarian Salo

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Ingredients for making bacon in Hungarian

  1. Fat 1 kg
  2. Coarse salt 1 kg
  3. Ground paprika 100 g
  4. Ground black pepper 30 g
  5. Garlic 8 cloves
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Bowl or container for food, Knife, Food foil, Parchment, Fine grater or garlic, Deep plate, Cutting board

Hungarian-style lard preparation:

Step 1: Salt the lard.

Throughout the cooking process, this stage is the longest, but not laborious. Salting is suitable for any that you like best, including bacon. The main thing is fresh, white with pink, without extraneous odors.
So, cut the fat into pieces, for example, 15-20 cm long. The thickness of the piece depends on the original, usually about 6-7 cm. Roll each piece well in salt, pour salt into the bottom of the container with a layer of 1-2 cm, lay the fat, cover it all with salt and refrigerate. It is better not to cover the tank on top.
Four days later, remove the lard, carefully scrape off all the salt with a knife and repeat the process with pure salt. Then put the lard in the refrigerator. In general, the fat should be in the refrigerator for three weeks, during which time repeat the process several more times, every 4 days.
After three weeks, remove the fat from the refrigerator, scrape off all the salt very carefully.

Step 2: Prepare the garlic.

You need a lot of garlic, so it’s easiest to grate peeled cloves on a fine grater or use a garlic.

Grated garlic in a deep bowl, mix with black pepper and half the required amount of paprika.

Step 3: Cook the lard in Hungarian.

Put the cleared fat on parchment, coat on all sides (except the lower one with the skin) with a mixture of garlic, paprika and black pepper.

Sprinkle greased fat on all sides with the remaining paprika.

Wrap lard in cling film and refrigerate for 1-3 days. In a day it will be ready, but if you bear three, it will be much tastier.

Step 4: Serve the lard in Hungarian.

Cut the fat into small cubes or slices and serve. Hungarian-style bacon is a great appetizer, and it can also be used to make sandwiches.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Hungarian-style sliced ​​lard can be used to make tasty and unusual appetizers with radishes, fresh cucumbers and onions.

- If you like it sharper, then you can replace a small amount of paprika with hot red pepper.